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This will help in strengthening of military. Health is another area where people will be benefitted by joining military.

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Rigorous exercises and activities help in strengthening both mind and body. Increasing fat in people can be dealt with only by physical exercise. Crime is growing at an alarming rate in every country. More than half of these crimes are against women. Most of these crimes are committed because women are not confident enough to oppose the crime.

Military training can help in improving their confidenceto stand against crime and raise their voice. To conclude, military service after schooling should be made compulsory both for males as swell as females. This improve country's security as well as the health of its citizens. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page!

It's easy to do. I know that's not academic language, but it's the truth! View the eBooks. You work at home and have a problem with a piece of equipment that you use for your job. Write a letter to the shop or company which supplied the equipment. Read More.

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Essay on Military Service Should Be Mandatory

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We offer expert military essay writing services. When I think of sacrifice, honor, loyalty, and bravery, I think of the men and women who defend the United States of America. While I served five years in the United States Navy, I gained the knowledge and experience that has now enabled me to be successful not only in my education but my life as a whole.

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  • I strongly support the proposal that every citizen in the United States should be required to serve one enlistment in the Armed Forces when one reaches the age of Though some may argue that this field of work is dangerous, there are many positions in the military that have minimal risks. Imposing a mandatory military service would mean that a country will have an active reserve army that is prepared to respond effectively and quickly to any threat to national security.

    With citizens being required to join the armed forces when the need arises, the public will be more watchful and aware of the decisions made by the government, especially when it comes to national security.

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    With their lives at sacrifice or at risk, people would be more assertive to understand more about the threats facing their country and to have a greater voice on how the government should be addressing issues. This strategy would ensure that no one will be exempted from facing wars, where all citizens including businessmen and celebrities are required to serve when the country is facing war or needing more soldiers.

    Those who serve are supported by the government with a steady pay check and medical insurance for themselves and their dependents that does not require monthly payments or co pays. Every member gets paid by how much time you have served and what rank you have earned, there is no hourly wage. This gives stability within households of the military members to be assured that they get the same amount every month.

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    For those who have dependents, the military pays a housing allowance to help support families. Even with a steady paycheck sometimes things can get tough; The military always has relief programs and always can help when times get tough. Along with the paid tuition, the fees for your text books is paid to you in advance. For those who know how difficult it is to be financially stable while attending college, the government knows that as well; they provide veterans with a housing allowance to help make sure that veterans can focus more on their academics and less on having to focus on how to survive financially in college.

    As a full time student, I have not stress about how my tuition will be paid or how my text books will be paid unlike those who do not have the benefits I have. Training in the military can teach individuals not only how to shoot straight or throw a salute, but it will also provide perks that go far beyond the technical skills necessary to get the job done.

    For example, many military volunteers who have entered a career in the civilian workplace had presented several other skills and work-related attitudes, which helped them to perform their jobs better. These include initiative, responsibility, teamwork, diversity, stress management and global awareness. Others even learned the habits of discipline and healthy living, not to mention the skills in self-defense.

    It also offers young adults a chance to learn a wide range of skills, morally, psychologically and physically, which parents may not be able to offer at home. If all citizens are forced to serve in the military, this will allow them to learn and train together. This will also be a chance for them to share the same experience of having served their country. Some may argue that It endangers the lives of young individuals. Forcing people to join the military can put the lives of the youth in the path danger.