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Yours Deepak Aheer ————————————————————————————————————————————— Dear Teacher,. I thank you for all you have taught me. You are the reason for what I am today. Not every teacher carries the dedication and enthusiasm you do. You are a truly an inspiring individual who has taught us so much more than simply what was in the curriculum. Thank you for everything. Vasundhara —————————————————————————————————————————————To Savites and Rajul,. Regards, M. I wanted to improve my speaking, vocabulary and basic grammar skills.

Our course facilitator was VM Reshmi. She made sure all the students participated and interacted during the sessions.

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Also, she shared the self-study links with all individuals who were facing challenges with certain topics. This was a sign that the facilitator was giving personal attention to every individual.

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Mid-week progress reports for each student were prepared very carefully, taking their progress into consideration, which was very helpful along the rest of the modules. Also, the content was very well suited to the syllabus.

Along with what was covered in the syllabus, Reshmi gave special help to us which encouraged us more. With respect to the daily exercises, she provided us assistance if we were stuck anywhere via email. Reshmi was also very passionate about why English is so important and gave real life examples during sessions which kept us motivated throughout the sessions. She always maintained a friendly environment with everyone so one would not feel hesitant in asking questions, which I think increased the participation of everyone, and all sessions were flowing along cohesively.

She also used to remind us of the importance of completing the modules along with attending live sessions. She made sure to double check on the progress of each candidate, which imbibed a sense of responsibility among everyone, and we completed all modules before our last session. Personally, this was the first ever live online English course for me, and I had a fear how it would go. But Reshmi did a great job in guiding and facilitating the learning for the entire class very smoothly.

I would never ever miss an opportunity to take another course in future. Dear Miss Reshmi,. I am writing to you today to thank you for teaching a great online course.

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You made this dry subject and serious knowledge interesting and fun, and I really loved taking your class and learning so much on this course. I want you to know that you have been my favourite teacher since the course began. You not only taught in a different way to make us interested in learning, but you also understood our problems and helped us find the best ways to solve them.

Planning is equally important and impacts greatly on effectiveness. A good training session has clear stages that go from learning to application. One possible way to label these is Define-Inform-Connect-Resolve. Training is a success when the participants can immediately go out and apply what they have learned.

You wonder how best to get the job or promotion you want. The solution could be simple: focus on adding 21 st century skills to your skill set.

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  6. They include:. Taking an online course is a great way to advance your 21 st century capabilities. They can help you develop self-motivation, time management, digital research and communication skills. MOOCs, for example, will expand your professional knowledge and provide global perspectives from other participants who join from around the world. If you want to develop your communication skills in English, look for courses that focus on maximising opportunities for you to speak or write.

    A good course will develop your independent learning skills and offer practical learning activities based on real-life situations.

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    At the British Council these skills are built into our course design. Whether independently or via a course, you will benefit from identifying and developing your 21 st century skill set. With these skills in hand you can future-proof your career aspirations, stand out to employers and gain the advantage in the 21 st Century workplace. I love technology. Have always been in awe of its capabilities.

    I was as excited as the kids.


    Technology and our lives are interwoven today. It has invaded our lives. Most of our communications are emails, texts, tweets, posts, and forwards. What is this doing to our relationships, our society and our thought processes? We are slowly realising that this digital invasion might cost us some sleepless nights even as we are slowly becoming aware of the dangers lurking around the corners of this massive digital empire.

    Privacy issues, data security, extortion, sextortion, hacking, cyber dares are some of the immediate dangers.

    Today, as I sit here in the airport observing people and kids around me, I am left with a sense of apprehension and worry. Has technology invaded our lives? Have we lost the real life connect? The waiting rooms, airport lounges, railway stations and auditoriums are my favourite places where I get to sit quietly and observe people around me. As I wait at the airport, I notice this young child mesmerised by the iPad in front of him. His parents seem lost in their own phones. This is a common sight. What is it, in this gadget that can retain the attention of this young child and the adult alike for hours on end?

    I continue observing the child. As he clicks on one video, a list appears on the right panel suggesting more. Innocently, the child clicks on the next and the next. Oblivious to the fact of the dangers lurking in that small screen. The parents are oblivious too, as they seem peaceful.

    I can almost read their thoughts — My child is engaged. My child is busy. My child is safe. He is right in front of my eyes.

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    The repercussions and the impact on this young mind could be serious. What if he lands on a wrong page? What if he is drawn towards inappropriate content? Setting parental controls could be one way of managing this. It is about awareness, staying alert and taking a timely action. I turn away and am caught by a bunch of teenagers lost in their phones. They prefer their screens. I can see them laugh, smirk and grimace all at themselves or at least it seems so.

    Suddenly one boy positions his camera, readies himself and pounces on his friend. The friend drops down. This boy holds him down, looks at his camera and voices some words. I win the challenge. I am not so much bothered about this physical fight. Someone out there is waiting for this video and preparing the next level of challenge for this boy. And I cannot but relive the blue whale challenge and the many innocent young lives it snuffed out. Some are reported.

    Some are not. It is important to bring awareness in children about the latest cybercrimes and problematic cyber trends.