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Receive discount. Check your email, discount code is already there. Academic Level. Estimated Date:. Estimated Price:. My pleasure, Ava. I know I had a lot of fun doing the experiment. Have you ever thought about being a professional reviewer for Consumer reports? Oh, I am very domesticated, Sam.

Did you know I am the family cook too? I would love to be a tester for Consumer Reports. You know I am an engineer, so I never look at performing these kind of tests as work. I really enjoy doing them! We rarely use paper towels. I think I have had a roll for about a year. For big spills, I use some old towels and then just throw them in the laundry with other stuff.

I wonder if it does save you money… In addition to water and soap, you also have to include the energy cost of running the washer and dryer. It might be close, but I would need data. If not, I completely understand. That is something only someone as financially nerdy as me would ab normally do. Kevin: The cheaper brands I tested were absolutely terrible.

They absorbed very little and they fell apart like a cheap suit at the first hint of any scrubbing. Absolutely not worth the savings.

Paper Towel Experiment

Have you tried the the Costco brand? Barb: I use a scrub brush to clean the toilet, Girlfriend. OK that was really cool, but I need more help, which one should I use to clean the toilet? Thanks for another entertaining post! Best regards, Barb. Every single tattoo artist in the USA uses Bounty, because it leaves behind almost no bits of paper when you wipe down a tattoo.

Only when they are a rainbow and blood soaked mess does she consider a new one. I think your expereince definitely verifies my testing — at least in the absorbency department. That would be a torture test! What about Brawny? Hate the pick a size ones. They are good at wrapping around cold glasses in the summer preventing the dripping. They hold up well when something spills on the floor and we want something we can throw away.

The regular ones are hard to find though. Have you tested Brawny? We have been testing towels in class. I question the students who use procedures similar to yours. Is this fair? How do you know you have left 0 ml of water in the towel? Your operational definition seems to show which paper towel will let go of the most water.

That is an interesting point, however, I think your concern is not a factor. I am certain that upon squeezing a paper towel that has been fully saturated with water, the amount of water ultimately NOT released from the towel will be minimal compared to the amount of water released.

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In other words, the remaining water in the towel will not be enough to affect the absorbency rankings. Thanks for this awesome review.

I have a rather different question for you. In your research, did you come across a brand that had two sides, one a soft, smooth surface and the other, a rougher, scrubbing surface? My elderly father insists upon using the towels for everything — napkins, hankies, as well as their intended use as clean-up tools. We actually like Viva best, as it is so soft and cloth-like, but I cringe at the cost.

The most absorbent paper towel

OTOH, spills that large surely are handled far better with a real cloth towel. Just my opinion, naturally. Cool test! This just shows that the best product is not always the most expensive one.

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Thanks for the test. I think this was a good test one which i will create for my own blog.

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We buy Kirkland towels, too. Wonderful experiment. Greatly appreciated. I agree that Bounty has sadly gone down-hill since your experiment.

Paper towel reviews - CHOICE

We the wife and I, and dog were faithful to Bounty until just recently. For some reason, the quality of their product line has completely deteriorated. So sad. Thanks again! Sorry, folks—if you want to pinch pennies, use rags and cloth towels. I stopped using paper towels a couple of years ago, except for the rare occasions when I need to drain bacon or something greasy. Costwise, two dishtowels and about 4 rags per week do not add appreciably to laundry cost. And drying is free clotheslines.