Las Casas emphasizes on three main issues throughout his account. First, in almost each chapter, Las Casas writes about the luscious qualities of the land and the different indigenous peoples that inhabit them. Second, he explains and describes in detail how the natives were rapidly being massacred by the invading Christian Europeans. Finally, Las Casas discusses how God had brought justice to the Europeans for their diabolical acts upon the natives. Las Casas, a former slave owner himself, realized that those whom he previously enslaved were just as much human and capable of learning and practicing the Christian faith as he was.

As a bishop, he realized he could do little for the Natives except document his experiences in as much detail as possible and hope that the royal administration would have sympathy for the Natives and establish laws to protect them from the Europeans.

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Using words like 'fertile' and 'verdant,' Las Casas conveys that these lands are something to be taken advantage of for resources and settlement and in his mind "it would seem He also portrays the natives with lucid terms so as to shed an innocent light on them in an attempt to instill into his readers why it is so wrong for the Indians to be treated as they are by the Europeans.

Never quarrelsome or belligerent or boisterous, they harbour no grudges and do not seek to settle old scores; indeed, the notions of revenge, rancour, and hatred are quite foreign to them. They are innocent and pure of mind and have a lively intelligence, all of which makes them particularly receptive to learning and understanding the truths of our Catholic faith.

Casas As stated in the excerpt, Las Casas uses characterization to describe the Natives. He even says, "These would be the most blessed people on earth if only they were given the chance to convert to Christianity" Casas His use of this literary method virtually guarantees that his readers will become empathetic toward the natives and side with Las Casas in his endeavor to protect the Indians.

Essentially, to those uneducated in the goings-on in the New World, Las Casas not only educated them but struck a sympathetic nerve that helped to push Old World Europeans toward minimizing the cruelty in the New World. Although Las Casas' detailed characterization of the natives was basically cheerful and pleasant, his use of imagery to describe how they were treated is much more explicit.

Comparing the natives to 'gentle lambs' and the Europeans to "ravening wolves upon the fold, or like tigers and savage lions who have not eaten meat for days," Casas 11 he exposes an extreme contrast between the two parties.

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Bartolome de las Casas and the Native American Population

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Document E is a brief account of the devastation of the Indies by Bartolome de las Casas. This document shows that conquistadors would torture these peaceful yet weak natives horribly. The remaining natives after the massacres would be divided amongst themselves and kept as slaves.

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