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For example, when searching subject specific periodical databases, use terms the least common to the discipline. Review your results and refine your search as necessary. Broaden the terms if you need more information. Narrow the terms to limit the amount of information retrieved.

Synthesize the information. Determine if and what additional information is needed. Familiarize yourself with your topic before beginning your research. This will save time later.

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This includes determining the appropriate search terms to use. Include synonyms and related terms. Modify your search as necessary , including searching related resources or additional databases not as closely linked to your subject. These sources may include relevant information. Know the nature and parameters of the reference tool s you are searching. Certain reference works only cover particular time periods or may not be comprehensive in scope. For instance, most online databases begin their coverage in the ss.

Make the fullest use possible of reference tools , including bibliographies and footnotes which can lead you to other sources.

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Syracuse University Libraries. Architecture: Thesis Preparation This guide presents resources on various aspects of architecture including history, theory, design and technology. Introduction In an article in the July 24 issue of Architect's Journal, Jeremy Baker talks about the student thesis as a way of providing students with "greater awareness of the world.

Special orders The Library may be able to order new architecture books or other materials to assist you. Extended loan period Thesis and thesis prep. General Guidelines Familiarize yourself with your topic. Review your print sources and pay special attention to Internet sources. Read the source carefully. Note organizational differences between tools. Not all works are comprehensive in scope. Try alternative and related headings to locate the information you need. This dissertation will An architectural response to traditional and contemporary display of art : a case study for Durban.

An architectural strategy for the rehabilitation and integration of street children back into society : a Durban case study. In Durban as well as many other cities around the world one can find the phenomenon of street children. Studies have highlighted various factors such as historical, political, social and economic, which have contributed Architecture and childhood development : towards establishing architectural design guidelines for children's environments in South Africa.

The research in terms of Architecture and Childhood Development is based on an understanding that Architecture serves society and has the potential to impact positively on children. The research is grounded in a postmodern Architecture and identity : the perception and reflection of identity through architectural expression : a case study of Wentworth. South Africa like many countries in the non-Western world has a long history of conflict stemming back to the spread of Colonialism. Various events through the years have contributed to the solidification of European and Architecture for the visually impaired : design of a Society for the Blind.

This dissertation documents the research involved in determining an appropriate response for the design of a building which serves to provide tools for empowerment and independence for blind and partially sighted Architecture informed by social identity, meaning and memory : a provincial legislature for Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. In order for a message to be effective it needs to be understood and the primary The architecture of railway stations and transportation nodes, towards the design of a proposed new commuter railway station in Kingspark sports precinct. In a world of increased daily travel, more efficient means of transporting people become all the more relevant as citizens constantly try to bridge time and distance in an effort to get to work and other meeting places.

The architecture of science centres : recommendations for Durban, South Africa.

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Under apartheid in South Africa a large portion of our society was been denied access to science education. This has led to a generally low public understanding of science and a poor scientific skills level, which has a Art as a generator of built form : towards a working museum at Rorke's Drift. Resistance art is no different save the strength of its embedded meaning bound to context through signs and Art as a tool for the creation of built form towards a design of a music centre in Durban.

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Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, Artistic expression in architecture : towards the design of an art centre for Durban, South Africa. Artistic Expression is the central force that defines human expression and emotion without which anything cannot have any identifiable human substance.