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Despite their subordinate status states have to perform most of basic administrative duties. Actually role of central and state government in the administrative structure has been clearly defined by s India act and Indian constitution as well as proper mechanism of administration has been setup by s India act and Indian constitution. Though central government has authority to control state but central government has to use that authority with restrain.

That means in specific condition and in specific manner central government has to use this authority Even Article provide authority to central government to dismiss incumbent state government and carryout administrative task of state government. But that administrative decision requires parliamentary approval. Actually the structure of Indian administration has been established by s India act. And with some minor changes this structure has been adopted by Indian constitution.

As I mention above in this structure role of union and provincial government has been clearly defined that why administrative matters are categorize by India act and constitution also according to constitution certain administrative matters are going to address by central an certain category of matters are going to address by state. Even there are few subjects which can be address by both central and state governments.

All these matters are category wise listed in 7 schedules. Though subjects of jurisdiction state and center has been defined by seventh schedule but article provide authority to the parliament make on those subjects which are under state jurisdiction if resolution pass in state council with two-third majority. Even mechanism of financial cooperation has been setup by Indian constitution.

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