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OCR AS Media Studies Coursework Evaluation tasks

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Have you got a type with a lot of composing as part of your syllabus? Let us support alleviate the burden. Good quality function that makes certain an excellent class. Coursework is not only an important part of any scholastic course. Have a look at our functionality-assurance characteristic. Biography Creating A biography can be a detailed description of the persons daily life and might be difficult task even for the very best college students.

Concise and nicely-structured biography for your satisfaction. A further reason for taking on board the work of Albert Irvin would be to add appeal for my target audience. Had I only used the influence of filmmakers I may have missed may target audience of artists.

It is in this artist research that the planning for my production began. As I had chosen to film, what essentially became a series of paintings, I planned what it was I actually wanted to present. The final painting or the process of the painting? I feel that the decision to create a film that showed the process of the painting ended successfully as it gave me a lot more footage to work with. It also added more opportunity for the audience to add their own meaning to the film.

A2 Film Studies Coursework

Finally, it enabled me to experiment with more techniques typical of an art film, due to there being many different shots to look at. This experimentation with colour used by Irvin, is also a technique used by filmmaker Stan Brakhage. I liked the idea this idea of creating s very aesthetic film.

I tried to recreate this effect in my own film by adopting some of his techniques, such as a small amount of hand-held camera work and also fast paced editing. Using the technique of hand-held camera work not only referenced Stan Brakhage in my film, but also added to the hypnotic feel I wanted to take from looking at his work.

I feel this is definitely a technique I could have used much more throughout my film, as the majority was shot with the use of a tripod. Although, this enabled me to focus on what was being filmed, making the extreme close-ups work well, I feel the hand-held pieces added much more to the strange atmosphere of the film. Especially with the combination of over-laying and altering the speed of the original film.

By experimenting with these techniques, I feel that I achieved a fairly atmospheric piece.

A2 Media Studies: Written Coursework

I found that the most successful was the use of the torchlight. I shone the torch onto the paintings that were being filmed to help add to the atmospheric mood I was trying to create. The light seemed to add more depth, making it more appropriate for its target audience. The selection of non-diegetic sound adds to this extra dimension, creating a stronger feeling of intensity. This use of atmospheric music can be linked to the works of Derek Jarman. I chose to adopt this style in order to add to the hypnotic feel I was aiming to achieve.

Once again, this technique helps to ensure that my film meets the appropriate, more high brow, audience. By cutting and editing my film to the music chosen, it creates a smooth finish to my film. I chose to edit it in this way, as opposed to fitting the track around the film, simply because I felt the piece of music had the perfect mood that I wanted my film to have.

Collision - AS Film Studies Coursework (Draft)

Therefore, I did not want to alter the track so that this mood was not disrupted. After filming the process of one painting, I began the editing process but soon found that this did not provide enough footage to create a 5-minute film, despite having shot over an hour of footage. This was one major thing that I took from this production, it is essential to ensure that more than enough footage is shot in order to allow plenty of film when it comes to editing. I then proceeded to go and film a further amount of footage, which gave me plenty to work and experiment with whilst editing for the finished product.

Reflective Analysis 1, words. Abstract work such as these types are for an art house audience and would therefore be seen in galleries. My influences from Brakhage and Sedira are very different. Sedira used this technique to present a story whereas Brakhage used techniques that physically have ink on glass. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds.

Media Studies Coursework Evaluation Student Guide

No notes for slide. Pitch and Preproduction 30 marks Candidates create a pitch for an imaginary film approximately words and then use it to form the basis of a pre-production chosen from a range of options. Production 35 marks Create a production chosen from a range of options. Evaluative Analysis 10 marks A brief evaluative analysis highlighting what candidates have learnt about the main study areas for film from their preproduction and production work film language, film organisations and audiences.

All of your research for the film will be collected on a blog and then put into a specially design pro- forma which will allow you to summarise your findings. This initial piece of work will allow lead into a more detailed consideration of the ways in which the micro features of film language communicate meaning. Steps to completing this coursework: 1.

Choose a film 2. Start a blog 3. Research how your film was produced, distributed and exhibited 4. Record all research on your blog 5. You should now have the analytical tools and terminology needed to succeed.